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Wings4U is an initiative of Frank van Renesse. Frank has been flying cross country and competitions for 20 years now, with fantastic experiences in many countries and beautiful podium places. With his experience and network he is well aware of the costs for this sport. Frank immediately seized the opportunity to work with Flow Paragliding because of the excellent value for money products.

Wings4U is a small and straightforward purchasing organization. Wings4U offers the perfect wings for both novice as well experienced pilots and in the short term there will be also accessories.

Wings4U uses a few fixed rules, therefor we can keep the prices as low as possible.

  • Thanks to our purchasing deal, we receive the best price for you

  • We order only after your purchase price (100%) has been received by us

  • On arrival of the product we'll do the 1st check together with you in Haarlem

  • After purchase we do not offer service for by example the 2 years check, line check and repairs. We can refer you directly to specialists (without extra costs ☺)

Is your interest aroused? Please contact Frank van Renesse and we'll discuss the possibilities.

Flow Paragliders 2 Horizontal_White.png

On behalf of Wings4U, I am happy to introduce the new paragliding brand from Australia, FLOW Paragliding. Since the first week of 2019 Wings4U has a dealer agreement with the owner Felipe Rezende to offer all FLOW Paragliding products.

Felipe Rezende, originally Brazilian, emigrated to Australia (Sidney) and there he developed, besides his work as an architect, surfboards and run a kite business. As a paragliding pilot with interest in design, he has gained a lot of experience in design with Roberto Galera in an Airwave project and with the Sol Paragliders Team where he participated in some designs. 

In 2015 Felipe designed a mini-wing, the YOTI, with the aim to fly with strong sea breeze on the coast around Sidney. He then developed, using the "Glider Plane" software, various gliders and a tandem that were all approved at the Air-Turquoise test center. All research and development is done in Australia together with his team of four test pilots. There is also someone based in Thailand who specializes in quality control and controls every glider that leaves the factory. This factory also produces for Air Design and Skywalk.

Because of the low overhead (costs) these gliders can be sold competitively on the market. 

Is your interest aroused? Please contact us and we'll discuss the possibilities. Best regards, Frank van Renesse

Syride is 8 years old French company, originally funded in Saint Hilaire, on the spot of the famous Coupe Icare. Their first instrument was based on the finding that most flying instruments were too difficult to deal with for many pilots. Syride has always been very creative and innovative, making their instruments as easy and as fun to use as it is possible:


  • complementary Online logbook (Syride means Share Your Ride),

  • first instruments you can put on the risers, with less than 100gr, and still fully featured like the Sys'NAV (Navigation and Airspace management)

  • and now, their e-ink tablet introduces new features such as 3D view of the topography, airspaces as well as turn points as well as in-flight wind reports amongst the most innovative features.


Now, the team is spread up between the French Alps (St Hilaire for some, near Annecy and Chamonix for others) for the flying employees, including tests, sales and support, and Esternay, in the Marne, for the production team.

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